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The Greek Souvlaki Shack

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An image of the logo placed on cardstock
A graphic of an olive branch to represent the logo

The Overview

Here's what we're working with

The Greek Souvlaki Shack is a small family-run Greek restaurant located in Centretown, Ottawa. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, and also offers imported Greek drinks and seafood options. The restaurant itself has an intimate setting, giving off a modern café feel when first walking in; differentiating it from all other Greek restaurants.

The Mission

The objective of this creative is to bring the essence of the Greek Souvlaki Shack to life through a fresh new logo. The current logo does not reflect the brand’s identity of deluxe quality greek food in a trendy location.

The Ideas from my Brain

Sketching sketches

The first initial direction for the logo was to keep the Acropolis pillars of the original logo; which describes the wordmark of the brand from the word “shack”. This goes hand-in-hand with how the brand is perceived from the surface.

An image of the first round of sketches for the logo

I then started to explore a bolder approach from the restaurant's motto; which is 'Where the Greek Gods come to dine'. This is where more explorative elements are introduced to the design, such as a spartan helmet to signify a God, an olive branch to signify cuisine, and a Greek pattern to signify culture.

An image of the second round of sketches for the logo

After endless back-and-forth discussions with myself over the direction of the artwork, I decided to go with the bolder approach. It was the stronger direction of the two options, and made more of an impact as a brand identifier.

An image of the third round of sketches for the logo

The Process

Colour Palette

Swatches An image of the swatches used in the design

The brand’s logo colours consist of two shades of blue: a primary blue and an accent blue. The combination of both these colours together give the logo a unified and eye-catching look. The muted tones of blue are not overpowering the logo’s appearance, but actually compliment the artwork and its message.


Typography An image of the typefaces used in the design

The Cronos font is very reflective of the contemporary, yet traditional feel the brand projects. Used as the font for the brand's wordmark, it works in unification with the logo. Program OT is the perfect addition to the pairing for body copy. Both fonts paired together project the feel of a modern Greek brand.

The Outcome

Here's what the finished product looks like

The final logo is more reflective of the brand. It's more apparent when compared with the setting of the actual restaurant in terms of atmosphere and decor.

An image of the logo on business cards
An image of the logo on takeout bag tags
An image of the logo within the brand guide